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iCRF™ Web Application Project

iCRF™ (Competency Rankings Framework) allows you to build a database of job roles and required competencies and skill levels. With Instancy, you can also link competencies and skills to recommended learning for a powerful and complete competency management system.

iCRF™ allows you to automate and personalize learning plans for each learner. Focus your training to develop expertise in the shortest amount of time.

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iCRF™ Application will help

iCRF™ Application will help you to achieve 3 objectives:

  • № ➀- Define the standardized and specialized job description based on career pathways of specific business domain to meet the process of creating global quality products.
  • № ➁- Assistance for staff in realizing what additional skills and knowledge are needed to achieve the higher job rankings with career path within the next 1-2 years and so on.
  • № ➂- Provide the transparency in workforce structure and allocation and the process the issues of the manpower requirements for production units.

iCRF™ System Builds On

iCRF™ Web Application builds on three major platforms:

  • ➀- Relational Database Platform: One of SQL Server, SAP SQL Anywhere, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or IBM DB2.
  • ➁- Web Back-End Code - MVC Platform: One of ASP.NET MVC, JSP and Spring MVC, JSP and Struts MVC, PHP and MVC Framework.
  • ➂- Front-End Code - Client Framework: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Ajax and One of Angular, VueJS, ReactJS or TypeScript Framework.

iCRF™ System Modules

iCRF™ Web Application contains three major modules and additional module:

  • The first module use for employee/staff who can self assessment and submit profile to project manager or leader.
  • The second module use for project manager or team leader who will review and approve or reject employee's assessment profile.
  • The third module use for business unit manager or human resource manager who will be get approval profile for reference in yearly or quarterly evaluation of benefits.
  • The additional module use for web master or administrator who will manage and control master data of system.

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Production-like Project Development Schedule

WEEK 1 (Optional): Learner must read and understand relevant documents of Project Management

  • Business Management: Software Requirement Specification, Product Acceptance Criteria Document.
  • Project Management: Project Charter Document, Work Breakdown Structure Design, Epics & User Stories Document, Project Tasks Document.

WEEK 2 (Compulsory): Learner must read and understand the relevant documents of High Design and Detailed Design.

  • High Design / Basic Design: Data Modeling Diagrams, FlowChart/Activity Diagrams.
  • Implementation of Database Physical (Compulsory): Create Database Schema Excel Files from Data Physical Model.
  • Detailed Design / Low Design: Business Rules Design Document, Database Design Rules, Coding Conventions Documents, Components MVC Models Design.

WEEK 3 (Compulsory): Learner must read and understand the relevant documents of Wireframe Design and UI/UX Mockup Design

  • Wireframe Design: Read and understand the User's Wireframes, Employee's Wireframes, Approver' Wireframes, Manager's Wireframes
  • UI/UX Mockup Design: Read and understand the User's UI/UX Mockup, Employee's UI/UX Mockup, Approver' UI/UX Mockup, Manager's UI/UX Mockup.
  • Reference to UI/UI Mockup site at iCRF™ System and re-design and implement these designs to real project.

WEEK 4 (Compulsory): Learner must read and understand the relevant documents of Database Schema Design and Tools

  • Database Schema Design: Discover Database Schema Design and re-design Database Schema Design.
  • Database Structure: Use tool to create the Table Schema Scripts and build new database for Application.
  • Relationship Diagram: Use tool or manual to create the Relationship diagram for all tables in database.
  • CRUD Procedures: Use tool to create the CRUD Stored Procecdures and implement in Database.
  • Verify CRUD Procedures: Use tool to verify the CRUD Stored Procecdures by selecting, inserting, deleting, and updating data in Database.

WEEK 5 (Compulsory): Learner must implement the Screens and Frond-end code for UI/UX screens of Application

  • UI/UX Design: Use Design tools to create the Web Pages or Forms of Application based on UI/UI Mockup site at iCRF™ System.
  • Front-end Framework: Implement available Front-end Framework (JQuery, Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, NextJS) on Internet
  • Validation: Implement most of validation functions for validating the input data on HTML controls.
  • Validation: Implement Google or Custom CAPTCHA function for validating input data on HTML controls for Sign-in and Create New Account functions.

WEEK 6 (Compulsory): Learner must implement the MVC Model, Back-end code and ORM for whole functions of Application

  • Web Platform: Use one of Spring MVC, PHP MVC, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core to built Application.
  • Entity Classes: Create Entities for Application by using Entity Framework or any ORM functionality in Framework or your Tools.
  • Back-end Code: Implement Back-end code in Controller classes, Model Classes and Bridge Classes.
  • View layer: Implement Front-end code in View pages.

Available Engineering Package

Planning and Analyzing Requirement

Business Management

Project Management

Product and Architect Design

High Design / Basic Design

Physical Design and Development of the Product

Configuration and Implementation of the Product

Implementation of the Components

  • Core and Framework
  • Functional Back-end Code
  • Functional Front-end Code
  • Database Schema Design

  • Physical Design and Development of the Product

    Resources of Back-end Code

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