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edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp

At edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, we will help you more professionally by offering more challenging requirements and many types of software production-like projects on various technologies.

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edXOps® Training Programs

At edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, you can learn and practice on the production-like projects with the popular technology by methods of blended learning, hybrid learning, and the flipped classroom.

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LTW™ Learning Paths

In the real world of any business domain, especially in Computer Science, Information Technology or Software Engineering, a different knowledge chain will lead the learner to a different career path.

In order to define the learning path, we take into consideration all these factors during the development of learning paths for a specific group of people.

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SKC™ Skills Chain

SKC™ Skills Chain

A chain of skills refers to use skills in a certain order to cause the desired job or beyond a desired career in each period of your career pathway.

In each stage of any career path, everyone needs to improve their skills by doing skills-up or skills based on the recommended skills in a chain of skills of a specific job role..

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ASK™ - Access Security Key

You have knowledge and passion. Now, let's started to register an ASK™ for accessing the project FREE resources and put it to develop your career path with edXOps® Bootcamp.


PLP™-Production-like Project

If you are a recent graduate or a newcomer, you will be assigned a workout project as a Production-like Project which matches to your at least strong technical skills and knowledge. What environments and platform of the project will you select and complete that relates to your learning path that helps you to achieve the goals on your career path.

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edXOps® Professional Certification

Are you ready to build your future on the edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp and get a prestigious Certification? Getting started to build your skills in Software Development and Solutions based on the AML model with self-paced online training. Professional Certification of Software Engineering is motivating, let's come to us today!

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Message from edXOps® Experts

At edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, the advantages of practical work are unmatched benefits, especially in the software development industry. So, our production-like projects are designed to accelerate fostering the specialty knowledge and bring change management agility, which can be helping you to transform experiences of production-like projects into the real environment by applying most complex software engineering challenges.

The only way to get better in your career-pathway is learning and practicing, and edXOps® Expert Teams come from High-Tech organizations of America, Japan, India, Singapore, China, and Vietnam will help you learn from the basics to advanced in the Computer Science field and also help you more professional in processes of Software Product Development and Application Lifecycle Management.

It's very important to keep up your passion and take advantage of your strong point, and we'll teach you how to learn and work on edXOps® production-like projects.

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